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6 Types of Tarot Readers

The Teacher:

The teacher loves giving information, dispensing knowledge, and increasing a client’s ability to help themselves. They are articulate and communicative. The teacher asks questions, is interactive and jovial but with friendly detachment. They solve problems through logic and imagination. The teacher’s strengths include working with small informal groups and having the ability to empower people through their life’s journey with and without tarot.

The Interpreter:

Interpreters have no intent to control and they accept the cards at face value. They play with the information that is already there, building upon it in new ways by elaborating. An interpreter improves the original plan because they tend to work on what’s there, rather than creating something new. Interpreters don’t make the product, they make the existing product better. The interpreter’s greatest gift is their ability in the role of consultant because they combine intellect with visionary genius. Interpreters excel at elaborating on possible outcomes and are able to see how a situation will evolve over time.

The Healer:

Healers have an impulse toward service and giving. They want to console, nurture and fix things. They are intuitive rather than logical and have a strong sense of their own code for living. Readings slant toward the physical body or psychological/emotional/spiritual healing. The healer’s greatest strength springs from sensitivity to emotional pain. They are empathetic listeners and reserve judgement because they have “been there”.

They Mystic:

Like healers, mystics engage their personal code of ethics and spiritual beliefs. Mystics understand the relationship between spirituality and creativity. They live a life of simplicity and are independent thinkers driven by a burning spiritual search. During readings, Mystics create moods and ambiance. They may have an exquisite amethyst on the table with fresh flowers and incense burning nearby. Mystics are ephemeral, constantly processing all experiences (both mundane and magical) through the lens of a spiritual eye. The Mystic’s strengths include the ability to give equal attention to intuition and logic.

The Alchemist:

The alchemist is a careful blending of all types mentioned earlier and represents an ideal. They take friendly detachment and ability to empower from the teacher, the logic of the interpreter, the intuitive nurturing of the healer and the mystic’s ability to see the big picture through details. The alchemist is able to respond to the needs of the client by working on all levels.

The Scammer:

This reader does not care about the well-being of the client. All the person is after is the clients’ money. This person may or may not tell you that you have been cursed or jinxed and the only way to release the curse is to pay them a sum of money to do a spell or another more detailed reading. Be careful scammers are everywhere.

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