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Crystals that help you communicate with the deceased

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

When trying to connect with Spirit and opening yourself to the flow of information, it’s important that you can make contact with those in Spirit. Crystals can help you during this process. Deceased Loved Ones use the free-flowing energy around you and them to create sensations, transfer images and transmute energy to sound vibrations in order to deliver messages and information to you. The best thing you can do to improve Spirit’s ability to connect with you is by amplifying the energy around you. Quartz is an energy amplifier. It helps the transfer of one form of energy into another. Quartz are some of the best crystals for a psychic medium to own. Quartz increases and transfers the energy around its structure, transferring that energy into a signal form that is understood by its receiver. These qualities help both you and those in Spirit communicate their messages more clearly. There are many crystal varieties in the quartz family for a medium to choose from. Pure Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals for a medium to own.

• Rose quartz: energy amplification, transference and compassion for others • Amethyst: energy amplification, transference, specifically when related to the self, generally thought to amplify and open intuitive gifts • Tigers eye: energy amplification and grounding, specifically calming and clearing yourself in stronger energetic states • All of the agates: energy amplification and rooting, specifically for maintaining your center in high energy fields After Quartz and energy amplification, the next thing that psychic mediums need is the ability to take that high energy being transferred around them, and channel it down through their body, in a centered and flowing way.

Mediums also need grounding stones that also conduct energy.

• Jet:  is especially protective during travels, both of the physical and spiritual kind. As a grounding stone, it helps bring you back to earth, so you are not as lightheaded after your adventure.

• Obsidian: protects your aura and grounds you. It also brings wisdom to your thoughts and helps your intuition, a wonderful stone to use when going over messages you have received from the other side.

• Black Tourmaline: can be used as a protective shield against any negative entities bombarding your energy field. This stone also negates any fearful thoughts or negative intuition so that you may continue along your journey without anything holding you back from reaching your highest potential. Not only does black tourmaline keep negative energy away from you, but it also serves as barrier ensuring that you do not assume someone else’s degrading energy. It is an extremely influential stone that can force the gray cloud above your head to evaporate into the air.

• Selenite: although many people think of selenite as a crown chakra stone, using Selenite during meditation protects and enhances your practice by adding an element of healing and grounding. When you hold the selenite in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm and more serene as if your energy field and aura is filling with liquid light.

• Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is called a stone of change thanks to its ability to transform negative energy into positive. Smoky Quartz can help relieve negative emotions like stress, depression, jealousy, fear, and anxiety and will ward off doubt, worry, and confusion. This stone also protects the home or work environment against bad moods, resentments, and hostility. It can help you manifest your goals in both your personal and work lives. Finally, Smoky Quartz is a great tool for helping smokers quit, reducing the urge to smoke, and lessening the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

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