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Great Topics to ask the Tarot with just 3 Cards

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The shadow side of a situation.

Advice from a mythical being.

What would a mythical being say?

Changes in thoughts.

What do I need to understand?

What’s unexpected?

What do I fear?

Limitations in my life.

What is being ignored?

What am I not trying to face?

What am I not seeing?

What needs to be recognized?

What are they doing right now?

What am I denying?

What’s being rejected?

What am I seeing that’s an illusion?

What am I seeing that’s a lie?

What do I need to try and get away from?

What do I have to defend?

What’s being withheld from me?

News that’s blowing in, shifts in the wind.

What’s the new direction?

What have I forgotten?

What’s my mistake?

A distraction, disturbances. A sign dealing with an issue.

What is being confused?

The message that’s trying to convey. An insight.

What’s the past trying to tell the present?

What’s the future trying to tell the present?

What needs to be taken charge of?

Someone’s response.

How will the trip go?

What has been lost in the issue?

What are they getting away with?

What’s being exposed?

What’s forcing the issue?

What’s the source of the problem?


Deception behind an issue

A temptation

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Flying Anne
Flying Anne
Oct 02, 2021

Thanks greaat blog

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