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Numbers in the Tarot

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Ones (Aces):

Ones are seeds, new beginnings. The start of something fresh and clean. They may be a spark of inspiration, an impulsive decision, or the start of a new project.


Two’s are about balance, decisions and relationships. They are about two halves of a whole, and finding the middle ground between them.


Threes are the creation. They are a result of collaboration, inspiration, and the decisions that you’ve made. They are what comes of being ones and twos together.


Fours stand for achievement and stability. You’ve done the initial work, and you’ve reaped the first wave of rewards. They signify a time to rest and reflect on your accomplishments before you start working again.


Fives signifies change. It could be a change in status, a change of heart, or the fine tuning of things. That change could bring conflict and a bit of misery, but it can also bring hope.


Sixes are the cards of success, satisfaction and reward. They signal a time of benefits and a chance to relax and revel in the moment.


Sevens call for patience, trust and commitment. They represent those times when its best to be transparent and think about the long term rather than instant gratification.


Eights are about progress and priorities. They stand for moving forward in a controlled, structured way. They are the cards that ask you to look at the steps that need to be taken.


Nines signal a time of clarity and culmination. These are usually the times when you see the end and know what you have to do to get there either because it’s so close, or because you’ve already made it.


Tens are the completion of the cycle. They stand for the finish line, where lessons are learned, and rewards or consequences are reaped. They mark the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

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