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Paying Attention During Readings

There are four things that I pay attention to when doing readings for others professionally.

The Querent:

Take some time to really observe the person you are reading for. Make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need before the reading begins, such as water or tea, a pen and paper for notes, etc. Attention to human comforts, both the querents and your own, will start the reading off on the right foot. During the reading, watch their body language. Sometimes physical reactions can give you feedback on your energy reading even if they don’t say anything. Watch their energy level and endeavor to keep them relaxed and engaged in the process whenever possible.

The Question:

This is the focal point of the reading. Take time to examine the question and clarify it so it best reflects what the querent really wants to know. Many times a question will have underlying questions that can be more important than the one that was originally asked. Once you have determined what the real question is, make sure you answer it. This may sound obvious but it’s easier than you think to get side tracked by other issues and forget to give a solid answer to the original question.

The Conversation:

Be very attentive to what the querent says. Sometimes the querent can casually throw out a crucial piece of information that can be missed if we are too preoccupied with what we are going to say next.

The Close:

Whenever possible, the querent should leave the reading feeling upbeat and optimistic or at least with a plan of action to help them in the direction they need to go. If this isn’t the case, sometimes I like to take the time to draw one ore card which will give the querent proactive advice concerning what they could do next, if they so choose. I like to close by saying “I hope this has been helpful to you”.

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