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Policies to Consider When Reading Tarot Professionally

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Payment Policy.

Bounced check policy with stipulated fee for recovery.

Refund Policy.

Reading hours, including days of the week.

Office Hours.

Cancelation Policy, both yours and the clients.

Safety procedures for in home readings.

Post client concerns: How long are you willing to spend answering questions after a reading.

Emergency plans and payment policies: Whom will you call when you’re sick and cannot get out of the bed to do a reading? Will you have a backup reader that you trust go in for you? How will your backup be paid?

Last minute appointments: Will you accept them even if it means interfering with your personal or family time? If so, will you charge more?

Children, yours or theirs: Does a screaming two-year-old destroy your concentration? What will you do if your clients child breaks something while you read in your home or office? What would you do if your child does the same in someone else’s home?

Will you carry personal liability insurance? What happens when someone slips on the ice in front of your home? What if you are injured on a client’s property?

Holiday surcharges: Will you charge more for readings if they are done on major holidays? Are you willing to do readings on holidays?

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