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Recharging your Tarot Cards

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Moon Energy Bath:

Place the deck on your window sill where it can catch the Moonlight. The energies of the moon can recharge the cards really well. The full moon and new moon are great times for this. Moon energy is Feminine, Intuitive, and Creative Energy.

Sun Energy Bath:

In this method, the cards are placed directly in the sunlight. Usually a couple of hours of being bathed in the warm sunlight does the trick for charging the cards. In comparison to the moon, the sun represents Masculine, logical, clarity-filled energy. With the sun, there are no phases to consider. You can charge your cards in a couple of hours and are pretty much good to go.

Breath Of Life:

In this method you hold your cards and envision a bright white light cocooning over your cards. Envision any impurities and negative energies leaving and only power and light passing through the deck. Breathe into your deck by placing your deck to your mouth and asking the deck for guidance, love, light and truth. Finally hold the deck to your heart for five heartbeats.

Crystal Charging:

In this method you place a crystal that calls out to you on top of the tarot deck. I prefer Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz but any crystal will do. A quartz crystal is a wonderful absorber of energies and it is not a bad thing to keep one with your tarot whenever you store it away.

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