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Tarot Tips 45-58

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Tarot Tip 45: On a more serious note, being a tarot reader can sometimes mean laying a few cards out and sometimes being a tarot reader means having a number for a suicide or domestic violence hotline handy. Unfortunately, you can never be too sure of a person’s state of mind, so it is always good to have these numbers on hand.

Tarot Tip 46: If you are feeling anxious or exhausted before a reading, try doodling, or journaling, or making lists in whatever notebook is close by you. It will help you to get into the right mind frame.

Tarot Tip 47: Don’t feel pressured to explain your process or every individual card meaning. Focus on answering your client’s questions. They are looking for answers, not a lesson in tarot.

Tarot Tip 48: If you have an online store or tarot shop, make sure you get and app or an email that will notify you when someone pays for a reading. You don’t want to make your clients wait because you were away from your computer. I use my email and I receive alerts from PayPal. Send them a quick message with an estimated tie line for their reading.

Tarot Tip 49: The best thing you can do is keep reading. Pick up tarot guides, guides in intuition, astrology, crystals, superstitions and guides that help you become a better reader. Stop by any library, or flea market to find cheap or free interesting books that will increase your understanding.

Tarot Tip 50: Charge what you are worth. Don’t let anyone tell you that your “gift” should be given away for free. It is not a gift, it’s a skill that you have worked hard to learn and master.

Tarot Tip 51: Set boundaries with your clients. Make it clear that you have working and non-working hours. Make it clear that you do not answer emails after a certain time of the day. Make it clear that you take certain days of the week off.

Tarot Tip 52: It’s ok to have a tarot specialty. I’m great with questions regarding love or general life, but that doesn’t mean I’m bad at other types of questions. It’s just that I connect to certain topics in a different way.

Tarot Tip 53: Grounding and centering yourself is a great way to replenish your energy and it should be practiced daily. It can be an elaborate meditation ritual or just 5 minutes of walking outside. The important thing is that it works with your everyday life.

Tarot Tip 54: Crystals for Tarot readers: Quartz – amplifies energy, Amethyst – balances emotions and taps into psychic ability/intuition, Moonstone – Helps you connect to the universe/intuition/psychic abilities, Sodalite – Enhances communication skills and balances emotions.

Tarot Tip 55: Tarot readers often light incense or smudge sticks to cleanse the energy in the room. If you live with someone who is allergic or hates the smells, try ecofriendly room sprays instead. You van by them at places like the body shop or you can make them yourself using distilled water with drops of essential oils.

Tarot Tip 56: Practice spiritual minimalism, your readings will be clearer and more powerful if your physical and mental space is uncluttered.

Tarot Tip 57: Have a personal card. Designate one card that represents yourself. Some readers find the Emperor or the High Priestess appealing but it could be any card from the Major or Minor Arcana. This card will become a shorthand. When it shows up during a reading you’re giving, it’s a message that the client is like you in some way. Or that you must really watch yourself because something may be off with you personally and its interfering with the reading. When reading for yourself it’s a message to get out your own way. Stop overthinking and step away from the cards.

Tarot Tip 58: Need a message from the universe? Want a little guidance? Need to know what energies surround you? The Major Arcana are the big cards about big ideas. They’re not prescriptive.  They do not come with instructions. If you want guidance but you’re not ready to take actual steps, remove the Major Arcana Cards from your deck and read with them exclusively.

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