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Tarot Tips 59 – 77

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Tarot Tip 59: Clients will occasionally ask about their pets. Usually these questions are health related. It’s good to have a few cards in the mix that relate to animals. Here are some ideas: Wands – Lizards and amphibians, Swords – Birds, Cups – Water animals/ fish, Pentacles – Dogs and cats. Strength – a cat getting better or recovering, Moon – A dog getting better or recovering.

Tarot Tip 60: Don’t be afraid to take cards out of the deck. Many of the cards have similar meanings. Lots of them are unnecessary if your client has a specific question. Examples: For a love question remove the cups suit, the 10 of pentacles, The World, The Lovers, Death, and any other cards you associate with love (good and bad). Do the reading using only these cards. Remove “scary” cards like the Devil, and the 9 of Swords, when reading for kids or upbeat events like bridal showers, birthday parties, etc.

Tarot Tip 61: Clients always want to know when something will happen. Make your readings easier by coming up with a tarot shorthand for timing events. Designate certain cards for each month or astrological sign. Or, if you want a simple solution, pick four cards and designate them for the solstices and equinoxes. Example: Sun – Summer Solstice, Moon – Winter Solstice, Lovers – Spring Equinox, Death – Autumn Equinox.

Tarot Tip 62: A quick way to cleanse tarot cards is to make a circle out of quartz crystals, Amethyst or Citrine or a combination and lay your cards in the middle of it. Leave it overnight. This is a good practice for professional readers who do several readings a day. Have a designated crystal circle and get into the habit of putting your cards in it at the end of the day.

Tarot Tip 63: Clients will occasionally have a strong dislike to certain cards. Sometimes they won’t like the image. You may come across a Christian client who prefers not to see the devil, or someone who’s afraid of dogs and they do not want to see any cards with dog images. Sometimes the card is related to a recent trauma or event. They could be a newly divorced person that does not want to see the lovers card or three of cups, or a person who had a terrible childhood and doesn’t want the six of cups popping up. Just take those cards out of the deck. Another card will address their question/situation in a different but equally valid way.  For example, take the Moon out and the six of swords may pop up instead.

Tarot Tip 64: If you find yourself reading for kids a lot, it may be a good idea to invest in a kid friendly tarot deck. Another way of reading for kids is to use only the Major Arcana cards. These cards are full of archetypal images that correspond to fairytales and Disney movies that are well within their realm of knowledge.

Tarot Tip 65: There is no need to collect multiple tarot decks, but it is a good idea to own at least two tarot decks. The first, a playing card sized deck with obvious imagery that’s easy for your clients to shuffle, handle or understand. The second, a tarot sized deck with images that are vivid and have personal meaning to you. This will be your personal deck. The working deck is used and handled by yourself and clients during readings. The personal deck is used by you exclusively in spells, image boards, projects and personal readings.

Tarot Tip 66: If you are short on cash but want to study tarot, pick up a deck of playing cards from your local dollar store. They are basically the same as the minor arcana. Start using them and you will get a head start. Examples: Hearts – Cups, Clubs – Wands, Diamonds – Pentacles/Coins, Spades – Swords, Joker – The Fool.

Tarot Tip 67: Sometimes, a client will want several readings in a row and will ask the same question, phrased slightly different, every time. This is unfortunate for two reasons: It is a waste of your time and energy and theirs. Second, because different cards come up in each reading the client believes they will get a different answer when in reality the answer is still the same. The client will get what they are giving which is the same answer phrased differently. Explaining it in this way usually gets through to them.

Tarot Tip 68: As part of your tarot business, consider running a monthly sale on the day of the full moon. A full moon gives you energy and amplifies your readings and heightens your intuition. If you can devote the day of the full moon to reading your cards, you will be using universal energy to your advantage.

Tarot Tip 69: Tarot Tips for the Spring Equinox. Ask questions related to renewal, rebirth, and planting. Look for cups and pentacles. They are good signs. Love questions are great. So are questions relating to fertility and creativity. Anything related to beginnings is a great start. Look for animal imagery like rabbits, lambs, birds, eggs, the usual Easter/Ostara stuff. Those cards are the most significant.

Tarot Tip 70: Make sure you always decide how you will layout the cards before a reading. Will you face the cards towards you or the client?

Tarot Tip 71: It’s ok to ask your clients questions during a reading if you are unsure of a specific card.

Tarot Tip 72: When doing tarot readings, it is a great idea to create a specific space to do your readings. Get rid of any clutter and place your favorite spiritual items where you want to do your tarot readings at.

Tarot Tip 73: Always end your tarot reading by answering the original questions that were asked.

Tarot Tip 74: Try and set an intention before every reading. Think about what you most out of the reading you’re about to do.

Tarot Tip 75: Always have an open mind and open heart when consulting your cards.

Tarot Tip 76: I recommend you choose a tarot spread based on your question or I like to create a specific layout for each client.

Tarot Tip 77: Its ok to come up with a different meaning to a card when doing a tarot reading because it’s your intuition communicating with you.

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