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Tarot Tips 78-100

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Tarot Tip 78: When doing a tarot reading pick a deck that resonates with the reading you are about to do. Place each of your decks in front of you and see which one you are most drawn to.

Tarot Tip 79: When doing a tarot reading, listen closely to your intuition. What is it telling you? What messages immediately come to mind? What images are you drawn to?

Tarot Tip 80: Make time to phrase your question correctly so that you will receive a helpful answer.

Tarot Tip 81: Before you start your tarot reading make sure you are in a place where you will not be interrupted. Tarot Tip 82: If you are going to read the tarot for yourself ask questions that are directly related to you and not someone else.

Tarot Tip 83: Pay attention to the imagery in the card and let your intuition speak to you. What does the imagery mean to you?

Tarot Tip 84: A simple shuffle before and after every reading can help cleanse your cards of any negative energy.

Tarot Tip 85: Always make a habit to record your tarot reading so that you can always come back to them later.

Tarot Tip 86: Figure out your own personal tarot style. You do not have to do what everyone else does. Do what feels comfortable to you. There are not right or wrong options.

Tarot Tip 87: Wands represent inspiration, energy, spirituality, motivation, and life force.

Tarot Tip 88: There is no such thing as good or bad cards when it comes to the tarot deck.

Tarot Tip 89: Know your basic numerology and suits and you will have mastered 40 tarot cards right away.

Tarot Tip 90: Do not stress yourself by trying to memorize all the meanings of the cards. Go with what feels right and use your intuition.

Tarot Tip 91: A tarot reading cannot create your future for you only you can do that. That’s up to you.

Tarot Tip 92: Take the time to put down the books and take in the energy of the cards. Connect with your cards on a more personal level.

Tarot Tip 93: Try to draw a card every day and look for personal experiences that tell you more about that card.

Tarot Tip 94: When doing a tarot reading always keep it simple. Simple layouts, simple meanings, and simple techniques.

Tarot Tip 95: try to tell the story of the card by looking at the imagery and the symbolism.

Tarot Tip 96: Be open to the messages received through the tarot cards whether they are good or bad.

Tarot Tip 97: If a reading feels off or wrong let some time pass and reshuffle and start again. If the reading is for you let some time pass and reshuffle and ask again.

Tarot Tip 98: Once you are done with a reading return the cards one by one into the deck at random places and then shuffle.

Tarot Tip 99: Avoid asking the tarot cards questions such, as will I? When? Should I? They take away your free will and responsibility. Instead ask open ended questions such as What? Why? Or How?

Tarot Tip 100: Always look at the bottom card of the deck. This card signifies what is unseen or it can be the answer to an underlying question.

The tips are endless. As you continue to study tarot you will learn more tarot tips as you go along.

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