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The 5 W’s of Tarot Reading


Why are you doing this reading? Is it to gain some insight? Do you need advice? Is it for inner clarity? Is it to help someone else?


What are you hoping will be achieved and what is the purpose and intention? What will be the subject of concern for your reading?


Who is the reading for and who is it about? Is there an absent third party involved? If so, how deeply will you interpret the third party’s cards? (Some tarot readers don’t believe in making comments about an absent friend, colleague, Partner.)


Is the location of the reading going to factor into its success and significance? If you are doing a reading for yourself or having one done for you, does it matter if it’s conducted inside or outside? Do you need to take things like Feng Shui into account?


Night time or day time? On a special day, such as a birthday or Christmas? Which do you prefer?

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