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The Four Modes to Tarot

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Court Cards:

Court cards answer the question “who?” They show what personality aspect is involved in the situation. They can also signify the style of action or social role being played. Based on rank you can determine if the person is acting youthfully and naively or being mature and in charge. Court cards can have additional meanings such as messages or journeys or the end of something.

Minor Arcana Numbers (2-10):

The number cards answer the question “what?” They describe the situation and events that the “who” is in. They tell you what is going on and “what” the “who” is dealing with. They may also describe phenomena and effects.

Major Arcana:

The Major Arcana answers the question “why?” They describe the lesson you need to learn in this situation and the archetypal energies being expressed. They tell you “why” the “who” is in the “what”. The Major Arcana represents principles, laws, archetypes, and psycho spiritual needs. They’re also known as celestial causes.


Aces fill their own particular functions. Aces answer the question “where?” Aces show the element, realm, or sphere where the situation has the most potential, especially for producing something new.

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