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The Truth About Being A Tarot Reader

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

True story: About 5 years ago I decided to start my online tarot business because my offline business did so well. My goal was to reach and help people all over the world with my abilities. I do what every work at home mom does and I advertised anywhere and everywhere it was free. I joined forums and groups of all kind to get the word out about my business. I followed all of their rules when it came to posting and advertising. When I received my first online paying customer she was so happy and satisfied with her reading that she invited me to a group that she was affiliated with called The Mom Pack.

I was so excited to join this group because she bragged so much about them and all I could think to myself was what a great group and opportunity this was going to be. I joined there group and I received so much welcome from them; they all made me feel at home. I received tons of welcome emails and advertising of all the different opportunities that were out there. Once I read through there rules I knew what each day allowed and I followed their rules with no problem.

Anyway I had posted a few advertisings here and there but I wasn’t a big fan of yahoo groups so it wasn’t often that I posted. One day I decided to send a promotional email out to the people who had given me there emails to receive updates regarding my business. To my surprise my AOL account had saved everyone’s email including business emails without my knowledge and over 1000 emails went out without me realizing it.

That day I received quite a few emails from group members kindly asking me to remove them from my list of emails. I explained to them that I did not have a list of emails and that there was an error with my email. I explained to them that my email had automatically saved there emails without me know. So I apologized and emptied my address book completely. I was truly in shock to see that my email had saved so many emails. I had no idea that this was even possible.

After apologizing one of the group members decided that she was going to verbally attack me regarding the email that was accidentally sent to her and she went on to rant and rave about how she hates spam and how she doesn’t believe in what I do. She then went on to tell me that I was a scam artist trying to scam her group members out of money. At first I thought this was a private message between me and her until I received over 70 emails from group members bashing me. She claimed that I went on her group to steal emails and scam her members. Needless to say I gave her a piece of my mind and I left her group.

Almost a year later I received over 90 emails with more than half her group attacking me once again. They all claimed to have received another email from which wasn’t true because at this point I made it my business  to always check my address book now so that that never happened again. It was to the point that I got verbally attacked by these women al because they didn’t like what I did for a living. It was absolutely ridiculous. I reported them to the BBB and and they continued to bash me. I decided to let it go because these women were all being told to do these things by the owner of the group and since these women did not have a mind of their own and they chose to be her puppets there was no point in arguing with them anymore. I let them continued there rant and in return there were tons of women that felt so bad that I had been attacked in that way and they apologized and actually became customers of mine which I thought was kind of funny.

The point to this is not everyone is going to like what I do and I’m ok with that. I have never forced my business on anyone and I never would. I respect when people tell me that they don’t believe in what I do. I don’t attack anyone for not liking what I do because everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are plenty of haters out there that will find a reason to make you look bad it’s up to you to represent yourself in a way that makes them look bad. They may discredit the way you read or they may simply not like YOU.  You’ll get your fair share of flack just for showing up and being you. People will want you to be wrong. Skeptics love nothing more than proving you are “full of crap”. They want to cast doubt on anything that seems to be too far outside their norm.

Clients may leave and never come back. I have learned that not everyone will be dazzled by my talents in fact I may even scare a few off because of how accurate I am.  People may like you but may not need more than one tarot reading, ever.  And some will be pissed for whatever reason and take their business elsewhere.  The ones who really value your work will stay.

Every so often I come into contact with someone who thinks I shouldn’t take money for reading tarot.   These people seem to believe that making a living doing this work makes it somehow less “spiritual”.  They don’t seem to realize that a full time reader has bills to pay, mouths to feed, and only so many hours in the day.  Clients are paying for your time not just the time you spend with them but the time you spend learning and developing your skill.

Reading tarot has taught me to grow a thick skin because of the attacks that I have endured and I know in my heart that there can and may be more attacks to come and I’m ok with that because I know and understand that not everyone has to like what I do.

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