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The Truth about Psychic Networks

I have been reading tarot cards for over 20 years and I am always looking for ways to make extra money while still doing what I love. I do well on my own but most of my business is built on a word of mouth basis which is awesome but when you would like to read full time word of mouth doesn’t reach to far. I have every social media network you can think of. I originally started my online business through Facebook. Facebook was helpful for the first couple of years but then they decided to pick and choose what people can see because they want you to buy their advertising packages. So, I decided to try online psychic networks. At first, I was really excited about trying these sites out. I figured it would help me get more practice because you can never have enough practice and it would bring me some extra income. As I did my research, I found that most of these sites want to take more than half of your earnings. That was mindboggling to me. I couldn’t understand how a company who did nothing put restrict what you can do on their website wanted over 50% of what you made. What’s worse is in order to get the maximum exposure you must purchase their advertising package so you could be seen.

These sites also want you to be a “certified tarot reader” which in my opinion doesn’t exist. How can someone “certify” you as a “Master Tarot Reader” when you never really stop learning? What gives them the right to decide who’s a good or bad tarot reader? The psychic networks also want you to have experience and guess what? Your experience online doesn’t count to them. They actually want resumes of all the places you have worked as a tarot reader. Mind you almost all of us work for ourselves. Then you have the networks that have you give the owners “free readings” so that they know you know how to read correctly. FYI, no one reads the same. So now if the owner is one of those that are always in denial about their situation or you don’t read the way they want you to read you do not get picked for their network.

These networks restrict you from posting certain things on their website and there are some networks that actually try to restrict what you can post on your social media so that they can gain your clients that you managed to get on your own.

In my opinion if you need practice then this may be a good option for you but if you are looking to make any actual money you may want to steer clear from these networks. You are better off getting your practice from free tarot reading forums.

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