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What Is the Difference between Palm Reading and Tarot reading?

I have decided to explain the difference between reading someone’s palm and reading tarot cards. I have had many customers automatically assume that I know how to read someone’s palm because I can read tarot cards and communicate with the dead but that’s not the case at all. Although I have the ability to read palms I do not advertise it because the majority of my business is online and for obvious reasons I cannot see the customer’s hand. So I thought it would be a good idea to explain the difference between the two.

Palm reading is reading the lines of the hands. Much as reading a book except the lines tells the story of their lives. Palmistry is best seen as a dynamic process. The lines of the hand are not carved in stone. Since the lines of the hand reflect our thinking, as our attitudes and behavior patterns change, the lines reflect these changes. The lines physically change as our thinking changes. In fact, you can see distinct changes in as little as three months. It is important to look at both hands during a reading. Depending on which hand is active (usually seen as the hand you write with), in combination with the inactive hand, shows where you have been (passive), and where you are likely headed (active) in this life.

Your hands contain helpful information about your talents, emotions, dreams, and spirituality, but you should always remember that they are like a road map full of many choices that can affect your destiny. Your life's lessons are already written in the lines on your hand, but there is not always a clear-cut, predestined path. The road ahead will certainly have some forks and crossroads, and it will be up to you to decide where you want to go. However, with the help of palmistry, you can embark on your life's journey with a map of your destiny — right in the palm of your hand!

Tarot reading is all about your personal interpretation of the cards and their meanings. The Tarot is originally a deck of 78 cards. These cards can be used in many ways. The main idea of tarot reading is to use your intuition and the meaning of the card in order to receive the message it is trying to give you. This type of reading can be done online or in person because all you really need to do is focus on the person’s name and date of birth. Some people use pictures along with the name and date of birth but not everyone feels comfortable sending a total stranger a picture of themselves. So when it comes to reading online you really need to focus on the person you are reading for because at times it can be difficult to do certain readings. Not everyone is the same and some people are skeptics which can and may interfere with the reading you may be doing. So the main idea is to focus!

Palmistry is another way of getting information but I find the information to have less detail. When you do a palm reading the reading gets straight to the point and it may not give you the complete information that you may be seeking which is why I choose not to advertise that specific ability unless a customer asks for that service.

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