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Crystals and Tarot Cards

Q: Is there any benefit to incorporating crystals into my work with the Tarot?

A: Yes! Crystals and Tarot cards go together beautifully! Crystals can be used in many different ways to enhance your Tarot readings. Here are some ideas:

1) Meditation / Clearing yourself: Hold a crystal in your hands to help clear your energy and lift your vibration while you meditate before reading Tarot cards.

2) Clearing your deck: Place a crystal on top of your deck while you aren’t using it – this will clear your deck of any negative or confused energies.

3) Enhancing your environment: Place some crystals on your reading table. Depending on what crystals you use, this can help bring in positive, healing and supportive energy. Certain crystals can help ground the reading and bring in a sense of calm.

4) Manifesting: Choose a Tarot card that represents what you are wanting to create in your life. When I am wanting things to go smoothly and work in my favor, I choose The Star Tarot card, if I am wanting more abundance, The Empress works well.

Use a clear Quartz crystal to amplify the energy of the Tarot card

Now choose a crystal to charge with your intention. Clear Quartz works best for this. Hold it in your hands as you visualize your outcome and say your intention. Place the charged crystal on top of the face-up Tarot card. The charged crystal in combination with the tarot card will amplify the energy you are sending out. Get ready for your goals to manifest!

Clear Quartz

This is the go-to crystal that can be used for almost anything. If you can only have one crystal, this is a good one to get.

Use it to cleanse your Tarot cards by placing it on top of your deck Can be used to cleanse your other crystals clear-quartz-crystal-tarot-deck Amplifies energy and intention, making it the perfect crystal to use for manifesting Place Quartz crystals around your Tarot reading space to clear the energyHold a small quartz crystal in one hand as you do a Tarot reading – this will sharpen your psychic abilities and keep your mind clear and focused

Rose Quartz

This beautiful pink crystal is associated with the heart chakra, emotion, love and relationships. When placed on your reading table, it brings a soft, calming vibration, helping others to open up emotionally.

Meditate with it to connect more powerfully to your heart center Place it on your reading table the next time you do a relationship reading This is a particularly healing stone for those dealing with heartbreak or self-love issues – but beware it can cause one to feel a little weepy.


This is a very high vibration, spiritual crystal with a loving, calming energy. There is just something about Celestite that makes you feel loved and connected to Spirit.

Assists you in connecting with the Angelic realm and spirit guides Heightens intuitive ability. Place Celestite crystals around your room ~ they bring a beautiful calming energy that is felt right away.


Sometimes referred to as the most spiritual stone, Amethyst is another high vibration crystal that will enhance the environment of your reading room and help you open your intuition. Amethyst has been said to transmute fear, anxiety, grief and anger into love, promoting emotional centering and stability.

Helps with visualization and enhances your psychic senses ~ meditate with it before a Tarot reading or place it on or near your Tarot reading table. Use this stone in Tarot readings of a more spiritual nature as it can help you identify the spiritual purpose of a situation.

Spirit Quartz tarot and crystals

This crystal helps with spiritual growth and working with your Spirit Guides. I find it is somewhat similar to Celestite in that it has a high vibration and seems to instantly connect you with Spirit and your higher self. Spirit Quartz helps activate and clear your upper chakras ~ powerfully effecting your intuition and communication abilities

Meditate with it to connect to higher guidance before a reading Set a Spirit Quartz on or near your reading table to help a client let go of fear and feel supported during the reading Hold this stone during a reading to help see the “big picture”

Black Tourmaline

A wonderful grounding stone that can be used for protection against negative energy. Black Tourmaline has a powerful calming effect and can bring a positive feeling to any situation.

If your client is feeling ungrounded or upset, have them hold this stone while you read for them Meditate with this stone right before a reading to ground any negativity or nervousness Place on the reading table to help create a safe reading space with a calm, grounded energy

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