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Scary Cards and Your Querent

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


This card to many querents has them believing that they or something they love is going to die tragically in some horrific murder. The Death card can be explained to the querent as rebirth, the life cycle, transformation and ultimately how we deal with changes, however uncomfortable the may come.

The Devil:

This card to many querents comes with a lot of Christian connotations as they see two people shackled helplessly to a demonic creature with bat wings. The Devil card can be explained to the querent as their shadow aspect, and those parts of ourselves that are hidden and restrained, along with any failures, shortcomings and materialistic mentalities that we hold in our minds and hearts.

The Hanged Man:

The Hanged Man seems to be unsettling to most querents because of its name and their association with hanging from a noose. The Hanged Man can be explained as waiting and self-sacrifice. A new perspective that may be uncomfortable at first, patience, standing still as well as deep contemplation.

The Tower:

The Tower has many mixed responses from querents. Some immediately think of suicide, bombings, or their house catching fire. The Tower card can be explained to the querent as a card of making sure their foundation is strong and making sure they know who they are in all aspects of their life. The tower is about working out what is important to you.

Ten of Swords:

This card along with Death is seen in almost every horror movie where Tarot is implemented. Most querents fear this card because it looks like a horrible murder by swords. The Ten of Swords can be explained as a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis through great pain and endurance. It is another card of standstill, and not being able to move forward from a particular situation. It promises a new day.

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