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Tarot Reading Pricing

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

I believe that when it comes to tarot readings and divination in general there are always going to be three levels of pricing structures for the reader and the querent. Budget and low cost tarot readings, mid-range tarot readings and the premium tarot reading.

Budget and Low Cost Tarot Readings:

Budget and low cost tarot readings are great if you are offering these for first time clients or as an introduction as a first time professional reader. The downside is that most querents will get used to your budget rate and you can potentially under value yourself, which in turn will allow your clients to under value you also. These budget readings usually price at an unspecified donation amount and up to $10.00. Keep in mind these rate range estimates depend greatly on the reader. Everyone is different. Before I started reading professionally, I read over 300 people over a course of a year and a half for donations only.

Mid-Range Tarot Readings:

For the Mid-Range Tarot readings these are usually given by professionals who have been reading for over 10 years. This pricing structure seems to be the golden standard for most readers at $30-$60 a half hour session. I feel like this pricing strategy is a conservative and well-balanced approach for most professionals. Much like the Budget and low cost tarot readings, keep in mind these rate range estimates depend greatly on the reader. Everyone is different.

Premium Tarot Readings:

Then you have the premium tarot reading. These premium readings usually start at $100 an hour and up with readers integrating but not limited to a form of psychology, coaching, or spiritual study, etc. into their readings, or offering a holistic service and may or may not be known to have celebrity clientele or only cater to a specific niche market, if you are planning on offering premium tarot readings. If you are planning on offering premium tarot readings, you should be aware that you need to deliver a premium reading experience. You simply cannot charge a premium rate and then give a halfassed reading. You can potentially damage your reputation and any referrals you hope to receive.

A Plethora of Choices:

In the end you have endless choices when it comes to your rate. Your reading rate can be for time spent, by spread or by reading type. I personally prefer reading for time spent, it prevents a client from turning a six card spread into an hour marathon concerning every aspect of their life. (Just remember price does not determine quality).

Oversaturation is a Myth:

There is no such thing as an over-saturated Tarot reading market when we all have our own reading style and something different to offer. No two readings are alike. Pride yourself in being unique. There is only one you.

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